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Jaime + Aaron’s Nashville Wedding

Jaime + Aaron’s Nashville Wedding

Jaime + Aaron’s Nashville Wedding

Jaime and Aaron’s wedding was absolutely beautiful! They were married at DelMonaco Winery & Vineyard in Cookeville out in the middle of all the grape vines next to a gorgeous little pond with a wooden arched bridge crossing in the middle. It was a nice September day and the weather was just perfect! These two have always been so sweet and we have loved getting to know them and photographing them especially on their biggest day!!! 🙂 Congratulations Jaime and Aaron and we pray God blesses your marriage and we know from just seeing you two together that you are already very blessed!!!

How did you first meet and what were your first thoughts/impressions of each other?

Jaime: Aaron and I first met at work (August 2008) at Vi-Jon in the HDPE plastics department. I had just been hired for the night shift QA (Quality Auditor) position. After training on day shift for two weeks, I stayed late one day so that I could train for a couple of hours with the night shift QA who I would be replacing. He took me around and introduced me to everyone on the shift. I’ll never forget what he said when he introduced me to Aaron; “This is Aaron. You’ll like him.”. He was so right! Aaron and I developed an effortless friendship. He made me smile and laugh so much that my cheeks hurt. I felt so happy when I was around him and I missed him when I wasn’t. I knew that there was something special about him right from the start.

Aaron: I first met Jaime on her first day of work. I remember her coming though the department and I knew then that I wanted to get to know her. I remember remarking to some of my co workers that I definitely needed to meet her and introduce myself.

Tell us about your first date!

Jaime: I’m not sure what our actual first date was because we spent a lot of time together as friends and went out with groups of friends, but we always seem to agree that it was when we went to dinner at Macaroni Grill. Something about the dim lighting and romantic music really set the atmosphere for a perfect first date. We doodled hearts on the paper tablecloth and drank wine. I just remember the chemistry being so strong. I couldn’t stop smiling at him.

Aaron: What I consider our first date was going to a haunted house up in hendersonville. We went with a big group of people. We sang bad 80s songs and just had a wonderful time!

When did you first know he/she was the one? Was there something he/she did?

Jaime: I knew Aaron was the one because no one else ever made me feel the way that he did. My heart felt so full that it hurt. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much. I just wanted to be with him all the time. He was so good to me. He accepted me with all of my flaws and baggage. He comforted me on my bad days and shared all of the greatest days with me. He made me feel beautiful. He brought out the best in me. He still does all of these things and more. I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

Aaron: There isn’t just one thing that happened to show me she was the one. It was living together and growing together than really showed that she was the one for me.

Tell us all about the proposal!

Jaime: I knew something was up when Aaron insisted on us throwing a Memorial Day party with all of our family and close friends. I’m usually the party planner out of the two of us. I wasn’t sure that it was going to be an engagement, but I knew he was up to something. We probably had about 30 people at our house, so I was stressed over feeding everyone, cleaning, decorating, etc. Aaron got everyone’s attention to make an announcement, which is not unlike him. Whenever we have a big get together, Aaron likes to make an announcement to thank everyone for coming. This time, after thanking everyone for coming, he grabbed my hand and said, “As most of you know, Jaime and I have been together for many years. And I cannot think of a better way to ask than in front of all of my family and all of my friends.. So, Jaime.. Will you marry me?”. He got down on one knee and everything. It was very sweet and perfect. I cried big, happy tears. I’m pretty sure everyone cried actually (my Dad more than anyone else).

Aaron: I knew I wanted to propose in a grand way. So we planned a Memorial day party with both of our families and lots of our friends. I only told my best friend and made sure he was there with a camera to keep it all on record. I gathered everyone up out front and I said i wanted to thank everyone for being there. I got down on one knee in front and center and asked her to be my wife. I was excited and a little nervous being in front of everyone. However it went off with a hitch and we had a fantastic rest of the day.

What is the one thing you love the most about each other?

Jaime: I don’t know if I could just pick one thing, but I’ll try my best. I love knowing that I can always count on Aaron. I know he’ll never hurt me and he’ll always be there for me. I know that I’ll always be safe with him.

Aaron: She is the ying to my yang. I need someone like that in my life to push me to do things that i wouldn’t normally do.

Share with us something silly or quirky the other person does that is normally annoying or crazy, but makes you love them a bit more each time they do it!

Jaime: Aaron nags me all the time. He’s always reminding me of my obligations and commitments. If it was anyone but him, it would probably annoy me, but I know he only does it because he cares.

Aaron: Her love of music and knowing all the words to just about every song. It is something I could never do, but wish that I could!

Besides getting married what was the best part of your wedding day?

Jaime: I loved that we decided (with Lisa’s recommendation) to have a “first look”. Being able to see each other before the ceremony really helped to ease my nerves and remind me what the whole day was about. I felt a sense of calm come over me after seeing Aaron and I was excited to walk down the aisle to see him again. I loved spending time with all of my friends and family, but those precious moments alone will definitely stand out as some of my favorite memories of the day.

Aaron: The dancing with everyone, the fantastic food and drink, and just the general party time!

Any advice for newly engaged couples planning their wedding?

Jaime: As much as I enjoyed the wedding, I wish we would have spent a little less on the wedding and a little more on the honeymoon. I wish I didn’t obsess over the little details so much. I thought that those things would be so important, but at the end of the day, it’s about who you’re with.

Aaron: Hire a day of coordinator. Ours really made the day, as you can concentrate on the more important things and not have to worry about what everyone else is doing.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vDvPEsgrxw ]


Ceremony & Reception Venue: DelMonaco Winery & Vineyard

Wedding Coordinator: Exceptional Weddings & Events

Officiant: Chris Ratti

DJ: Expressions of Music – Michael Hale

Hair & Makeup Artist: Jamie Williamson

Florist: Belles & Buttercups

Cake: Signature Cakes by Vicki

Caterer: Wildberry Catering

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