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Rebecca + Brandon’s Wedding

Rebecca + Brandon’s Wedding

Rebecca + Brandon’s Wedding

Rebecca and Brandon are so fun and so sweet!  Their wedding was gorgeous and I will just give you one guess who their favorite team is!   If you were at their wedding there was no denying that they are UT fans!

How did you first met and what were your first thoughts/impressions of each other?

Rebecca:  When we first met I thought Brandon was very bold because he asked me to meet him at Page High School where he worked and then asked if I would drive us to dinner…  Which I did, but I thought it funny he asked me to.  After dinner started up though I could tell he was a very genuine person and very open about his past which made me feel at ease and that I could be honest with him.  He was such a fun loving guy too after talking to him and was very charming.  After dinner we went back to Page High, where we walked around the football field track hand in hand under the stars and talked for over an hour.  I was able to see his sweet side at that point in the night.  The greatest part was when the thought went thru my mind that I’d like a kiss he turned and did it without me saying a word.  It was perfect and so romantic.

Brandon:  We met on Thursday, September 6, 2012.  I was coaching football and she agreed to pick me up from practice and we had our first date at Chili’s.  We had a great time and great conversation.  We got back to Page High School and there was a JV game going on, but I had to wait and turn off the lights afterwards.  When the game was over we walked around the track and held hands and kissed each other a lot.  After that night, I knew there was more to this first date and I definitely wanted to see what was there.


When did you first know he/she was the one?  Was there something he/she did?

Rebecca:  It probably wasn’t something he did specifically, but within a couple weeks I could tell I could see myself with him forever.  He always thought of me first in every situation and wanted to do anything to make me happy and I was the same with him.  I was just hoping he felt the same way, but I’d say within 6 weeks we both knew and in 3 short months we were engaged!!

Brandon:  I feel like I knew she was the one from the very beginning.  Her smile still lights up a room and drives me crazy and I love everything about her.  Our dates were great and we laugh about everything.  She makes me a better person everyday.

Tell me all about the proposal!

Rebecca:  Since we had talked about getting married a lot, I felt like I knew it was coming, but I honestly thought he’d wait until Valentines Day or something just to give it a little more time.  (Even though I was ready!!)  The funny thing was both of our families secretly thought he’d do it over Christmas time and so did the girls I work with…  I kept saying oh no and two days before Christmas I landed me a ring!!!  I was in shock the night he did it!  I absolutely had no idea that night he was doing it.  It was very chill and with a few of our friends just sitting around relaxing, but it was very sweet.  It took me about two hours to be able to breathe again!  I was just so happy!

Brandon:  I wasn’t nervous.  It was planned for a few weeks and I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.  We were with her close friends and “family” on December 23rd and we were all going around the circle saying what we were all thankful for.  I then got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.  She was very surprised, but of course she said yes.

What is the one thing you love most about each other?

Rebecca:  I love his honesty and his openness about everything that has to do with us.  To him it’s always been about US from the beginning, never just about one person.  He has said whatever is best for us and he’s always open to my opinions and he respects them as I do his.

Brandon:  That we always go to bed happy and wake up happy next to each other no matter what happened the day before or what is happening that day.  We enjoy being with each other no matter what time of day, sick or not.

Besides getting married what is the one thing you are looking forward to on your wedding day?

Rebecca:  Having fun with our friends and family. I can’t wait to look up at his face when I see him for the first time and I can’t wait to dance our first dance and soak in the moment with the people that mean the world to us and make us who we are.

Brandon:  Seeing Rebecca in her wedding dress and having a great time at our reception with our friends and family.

Congratulations Rebecca and Brandon!  Thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding day!  You both are so sweet and so much fun  I pray that God blesses your marriage and you have a lifetime to enjoy making each other happy!


Wedding & Reception Venue:  Nashville Airport Marriott
Florist:  Bellevue Florist
Cakes:  Julia’s HomeStyle Bakery
Catering:  Nashville Airport Marriott
DJ:  Mid South Mobile DJ’s

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