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Valerie + Scott’s Wedding

Valerie + Scott’s Wedding

Valerie + Scott’s Wedding

Scott and Valerie are such a sweet and fun couple!  I have known Scott for so long and am so happy that he has found the love of his life and oh my gosh they are absolutely perfect for each other!!!!  Seriously!   I know Scott has found the person that God had to have created specifically for him!!! No question about it!!!  I mean check out his wedding ring!  Who else except the perfect person for Scott would have found him a wedding band with the Batman symbol!  He has a serious love for Batman and for someone to embrace that about someone and do that for him shows how perfect she is for him!  He is perfect for her also!  She absolutely lights up when around him!

They were married at the beautiful Gatlinburg’s Little Log Wedding Chapel in the Smokey Mountains of East Tennessee! This chapel is located out on a country road and was just perfect! Valerie was so gorgeous in both her dresses and Scott looked handsome!

The wedding reception took place at the Park Grill in Gatlinburg and was gorgeous!  The decor at the restaurant is modern meets country rustic.  The table settings were beautiful and everything was wonderful!  After dinner and cake the couple left surrounded by their guests ringing wedding bells.

I am so glad they chose me as their wedding photographer! I especially enjoyed photographing this wedding since I have known Scott for years and was able to capture one of the most important days of his life for him to relive over and over again through his wedding images!

Congratulations Valerie and Scott! I pray the two of you never stop loving each other for who you both are and have a wonderful, long, amazing marriage!

Wedding Venue: Little Log Wedding Chapel
Reception Venue:  Park Grill

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