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Linda + Joey’s Nashville Wedding

Linda + Joey’s Nashville Wedding

Linda + Joey’s Nashville Wedding

Linda and Joey are one of the sweetest couples we have had the pleasure of working with! They have been so much fun from the very beginning when we met them at the Jack Daniel’s Distillery for their engagement session! These two are absolutely perfect for each other and always have a smile on their faces! Their wedding and reception were absolutely gorgeous! We had so much fun getting to know this couple and are so glad that they chose us as their photographers! Congratulations Linda and Joey and we pray God blesses your life together and life just gets better with each year!

How did you first meet and what were your first thoughts/impressions of each other? Who, what, when, where, and why? Give us the details! 🙂

Linda: Joey says the first time we met was at Tech when I was visiting for summer party with a friend. I was still at UT. However, I think we first met at Steak and Shake when a group met up in Cool Springs one evening. I remember the summer party being after that but who knows. I didn’t interact with him very much at either of those events. As time went on, I dated one of his friends so Joey and I were around each other a lot. I always thought he was a great guy and a great friend..but JUST a friend! Move along some more time…that other relationship did not work out…and I found myself at Tennessee Tech because UT was just too big and I loved the feel of Tech. I knew two people: Joey and a girl from high school, Jennifer. Jenn and I decided to be roommates and ended up being very close friends. She was dating a guy in a fraternity and she was in a sorority herself. My sorority was not at TTU so I found myself tagging along with Joey to his fraternity events. I fell in love with Kappa Sig! I made all of my best friends through that fraternity and its events. One of our bridesmaids and one of our groomsmen are in our lives thanks to Kappa Sigma. Somewhere along the way, our friendship turned in to a more serious relationship. It’s hard to pin point the exact time. I remember one day shutting the door after Joey and his roommate were leaving and telling Jennifer, “Oh my goodness…I think I like Joey. Like really, really like him. This is going to be trouble!” Lunch dates turned to dinner dates and rides to school with him became the high light of my day! One day late in the semester, he brought me flowers for no reason and was being kind of weird. At that point I knew for sure he had realized we were more than friends. We went to dinner and I brushed it off as Joey just being goofy Joey! A month or so later, he asked me if we could be “official”. I later found out he wanted to ask me the day he brought me the flowers but he chickened out!

Joey: We first met in Cookeville during Homecoming in 2007. We only met, but didn’t see each other again until a bunch of friends met together at Steak and Shake during the next winter break. She dated my friend from then until around August of 2008. Then we started to date that October 23rd, and the rest brought us to where we are today!

Tell us about your first date!

Linda: As stated above, who knows when our first “official” date was! We went to lunch and dinner a lot with groups or alone as just friends those first couple months at TTU. Maybe he can say the exact time he realized he liked me. It’s like it was all at once that I knew I liked him, but at the same time it felt like I knew I had really loved him all along. Cheesy.

Joey: I’m not sure technically what our first date was, but I did take her to see Wall-E in theaters.

When did you first know he/she was the one? Was there something he/she did?

Linda: Well, once again it’s hard to pin point. One thing that really touched my heart near the beginning was when he sat in my living room and consoled my roommate over a recent break up. I mean..what kind of guy does that? Joey. My friends have always become his friends because he loves to make people laugh and always wants to cheer you up if you are sad. It’s a gift of his for sure.

Joey: I’m not sure if she will ever believe me, but honestly when I saw her for the second time at Steak and Shake I knew that she was the one.

Tell us all about the proposal!

Linda: He totally caught me off guard! A little over 5 years of dating…you would think I would be able to read his emotions and actions! I was totally oblivious. I thought we were going shopping and he had the whole thing set up outside in this truck with candles, roses, my sister hiding taking pictures, and even out immediate family members waiting at dinner!!

He tells the story of the whole evening better than me. Mostly because he planned it all but also because another gift of Joey’s is story-telling. No matter how hard I try to tell a long joke or a story, he can do it better. It’s not even worth trying to beat him!

Joey: On November 10, 2013 I went to church with Linda and her Mom. The sermon was on healthy relationships, and something spoke to me. I went to Jared’s on Monday and went every day after work for the next week until I finally found the ring that Linda deserved. When I finally had the courage to ask her, it was a random Wednesday on December 4th. Before I continue, I need to step back to sometime in 2008. Before we dated we went to a movie with friends(including her boyfriend at the time) and I met them at the theater. I ended up locking my keys in my truck with the engine running. Linda waited on the tail gate with me until my family could come with the spare key for me to get in the truck. I still have never heard the end of that story… Now back to December 4, 2013. Linda thought I was picking her up to go Christmas shopping. I came in the same truck and pretended to lock my keys in the truck again with the engine running (I left the passenger side door unlocked so I could actually get back in) I told Linda that I thought it would be funny if we waited on the tail gate again while my mom was on her way to give me the spare key. When I opened the tail gate, (the bed has a cover on it) the truck bed was loaded with 4 dozen roses worth of rose petals and candles and the ring box in the middle. I told her that the tail gate is when we first started our lives together, and I wanted it to be the place where we started the rest of our lives together. And she said yes.

What is the one thing you love most about each other?

Linda: He is the hardest worker and nicest person I know. Honestly, he can be a smart..aleck. 🙂 But he is a genuine guy who will move mountains to be there for any family or friend in real need. He rarely complains and works 1,000 times harder than anyone I know at everything he does.

Joey: Everything! I don’t know why she dated me, but I must have done something right.

Share something silly or quirky the other person does that is normally annoying or crazy, but makes you love them a bit more each time… Or you know you love them because when they do it, you don’t kill them! 🙂

Linda: He can lie about something totally off the wall and keep a straight face! Joey can convince anyone to believe the most random things just because to be funny. Over the years, I’ve learned to read him a little better and have to call him out when he has our friends believing the most ridiculous story just to be for the fun of it. Sometimes I’ll believe him and then he cracks a smile and I get so mad that I fell for one of his tricks! He always makes sure it’s something that eventually will get a laugh out of me or whoever he is joking around with. If people know Joey, they’ll know exactly what I’m talking about!

Joey: I cannot think of anything quirky that she does that makes me love her more, but I miss the quirky things that annoy me when we are not together. The best example is when she crunches loud. She’ll probably kill me for sharing this, but when she eats, sometimes it sounds like she is eating gravel. But when I’m eating with someone from work or a friend and they are crunching loud, it makes me miss Linda that much more if she’s not with me.

Besides getting married what is the one thing you are looking forward to on your wedding day?

Linda: Having all of our loved ones in one place! We are both happiest when surrounded by people with love having fun!

Joey: It wont technically be on the wedding day, but I am looking forward to the honeymoon! like everyone else, we both desperately need a vacation, and this will be the first time we can get away from EVERYTHING and be just me and Linda to focus on each other and leave everything behind us as we move forward together.

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