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Perfectionists Anonymous

Perfectionists Anonymous

Perfectionists Anonymous

Hi… My name is Lisa Shelby and I am a constant perfection seeker.  (Crowd says “Hi Lisa.”)  🙂  Do you feel like you are at a perfectionists anonymous group meeting or something now?!  LOL  Well you are!  Just kidding…  But I will admit one thing!  I constantly want and strive for perfection…. Okay, okay I said it!

I know this is never achievable, for there is only One that is perfect!!  BUT you know what…  When you think about someone you love what are the things that come to mind?  Not always the things someone does perfectly, but also the pttle quirks!  The quirks and imperfections are sometimes what makes somebody or something so wonderful!

I always seem to worry and strive to do everything perfectly and be everything to everyone so much so that stress myself and end up focusing on the what if’s of the past, present, and future.  Can you say overwhelming!  I went to a great concert the other night!  If you ever get a chance go see Creed pve!  They are amazing!  This was the second time that I had seen them pve.  Those that know me know that I very recently lost an uncle very suddenly and unexpectedly.  I had just gotten home the day of the concert from being out of state with family so my mind wasn’t focused soley on the concert.  While Scott Stapp was singing What If… I began thinking what if.  That is a very open ended question.  You can drive yourself crazy thinking what if!  It really does consume your thoughts and can control your pfe pke the song says….  And that is one question although a simple and short question in structure, a very complex and thought provoking one!

I want to challenge myself and you to not ask what if, to not worry about the what ifs!  pfe is to short so just pve each day the best way you know how, let the people you love know daily with your words and actions, and most important build a relationship with the One that matters most in this world and after…  God.  pke Scott Stapp said on during the concert if you know, tell others!  Also remember the words of a very wise man… Popeye, “I yam what I yam and that’s all that I yam.”  🙂  With that quote I will end this blog with a few pics I took with my phone (so the quapty is horrible)… YES I know I NEED an iphone and it is on my long wish pst!  🙂

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